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Five Steps

Custom Jewelry
- the Geraci Process


Geraci Fine Jewelry’s custom design process consists of five steps. The first, second, and last steps directly involve you. Within each step of our process, we review the quality and accuracy of the piece when compared to your original desire.

The five step process we use for your custom jewelry ensures your unique design will meet the highest standard of quality.

Step 1 - Sketching

During the first step, you will provide us with as much direction as possible. We might ask you to draw your idea, or to show us examples of similar jewelry. As your desire becomes clear, we will begin to sketch our understanding of your ideal piece.

This phase can require no more than twenty minutes, or you might find perfecting your idea requires multiple visits and conversations with us. Our experience in custom jewelry design will make this step much easier than you imagine.

Step 2 - Hand Carving Wax

The second step of the custom jewelry process is when your design takes shape. Our artisans will create a wax model based on the sketches and direction provided. This step is required to create the cast used to forge your design.

The wax model also allows for fine-tuning of the design. You will be able to review your creation before it is forged, and we will work with you to make any necessary improvements.

Step 3 - Forging

Once the wax model is approved, a cast is created. This cast is then used to forge your jewelry, using the gold, silver, or platinum selected. The casting process destroys the wax mold.

After forging, your jewelry will require some filing and final preparation. This must be done before any gemstones can be set.

Step 4 - Setting

The fourth step in Geraci Fine Jewelry’s custom jewelry process is when your design begins to shine! Custom jewelry often requires setting multiple precious stones. These rarities are selected, placed, and set in your jewelry.

After the fourth step, your jewelry is technically complete.

Step 5 - Polishing & Presenting

The final step of our custom design process is when your jewelry shines! The jewelry is polished and cleaned to perfectly match your original vision. The first time you see your completely unique jewelry is an incredible experience.

Your special occasion will now really be “one-of-a-kind.”


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