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Geraci Fine Jewelry has been making custom jewelry for over 30 years. We work directly with our customers and handle the process alongside them to assure satisfaction. Visit our store on Colerain Ave in Cincinnati to set up a free design consultation! You can also contact us online or over the phone.

At Geraci Fine Jewelry, we make all custom pieces unique for each individual customer. We want your custom jewelry to feel one-of-a-kind and special so we don't resell customer designs or feature them as inventory products!


Browse our gallery below to see featured custom jewelry we've recently been working on!

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From Concept to Reality
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At Geraci Fine Jewelry, we work with you every step of the way to make sure your vision is being brought to life exactly how you imagine it.

From the sketch, to the render, to the final piece, our master jewelers use industry leading tools and programs in order to bring you the best quality possible.

We offer free design consultations in store, allowing us to understand your vision and offer our insight along the way. All custom jewelry made with us is guaranteed to be unique to our individual customers -- Geraci Fine Jewelry assures customer satisfaction and the highest quality custom jewelry every time.

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On this page you can find a series of sketches and render concepts created by our master jewelers in our store using the latest technology to help bring your ideas to life. We construct 3D Models of all our custom pieces, determining how to build them with the utmost precision in quality and beauty.

After the sketches and ideas of the customer have been turned into 3D concepts, those pieces are then brought to life by our jewelers. We're able to incorporate the finest quality gemstones into our jewelry, and even work with customers to repurpose old family stones, in order to transform them into stunning new pieces.

Below you'll find a gallery of some of our most recent custom pieces!

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